The Best of Bolton

The Best Of BoltonStar and director of more than two dozen movies filmed in the ’90s, muscular stud Rick Bolton in his prime may well have been one of the most beautiful men ever seen in adult film. Let’s just say the box cover of “Best of Bolton” does not do him justice compared to watching him in action. Shot on location in tropical Key West, Florida at the historic inn known as Lighthouse Court, this film shows you some intimate, sexy moments with the hard-bodied star as he gets ready for a performance and enjoys some downtime after the show.

In scene one, Rick works out on the patio deck near the pool and takes time to show off his progress. Watching the rippling tension of his muscles in action is a huge turn-on, as is the shower sequence afterward. Once he’s all clean, Rick relaxes on a float in the pool.

Scene two is a sensual treasure for all you shaving fetishists. Slowly and deliberately, Rick shaves his legs all the way up, followed by his chest. This is a really good show of his body at rest. Watching his cock stiffen and jump a little as the razor travels his inner thigh is extraordinarily exciting and it’s just a prelude of things to come. Rick gets so worked up that he has to lie back and play with his dick.

As the third scene begins, Rick is doing a striptease on a catwalk and showing off sexy hip moves that will only make you think of one thing: how incredible would it feel to be on the receiving end of those pelvic thrusts? He takes off denim booty shorts, bicycle shorts that have been artfully snipped full of holes, and grinds against a couple of lucky audience members before stripping off the leather thong that hides his stiffening cock. Rick gets a little more up-close attention from the audience and dances naked (except for his boots) for a few minutes more, answering for all of us the unspoken question of what it must look like when a naked god dances.

Later, a keen-eyed observer watches from his float in the pool as Rick and a fuck buddy find a semi-secluded spot for some humping. Soon everybody in the vicinity has noticed, and one bold young stud inches closer like a wild animal tentatively trying to get his share of a tasty piece of meat. Rick and friend notice this and invite him to join in, turning it into a hot threeway that relieves the pent-up tension of the teasing Rick has been doing for nearly an hour. After the fuck, we get a nice “after-dinner mint” in the form of more sexy dancing from Rick before the credits roll.

Don’t miss a moment of this classic movie’s slow-building heat!

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