The U.N.C.U.T. Club of L.A.

The U.N.C.U.T. Club Of L.A.Whether there really was such a venue as “The U.N.C.U.T. Club of L.A.” back in the ’80s, we can’t say for sure. Fortunately, we have the video footage to enjoy. If you’re into uncut cocks, then you’re in for a good time with this classic. The majority of the scenes include plenty of solo action, giving you a really good, long look at those cocks that still sport their foreskins.

The club has no sign, just some graffiti over an unmarked door in a plain building in what looks to be a shady part of town. Watch as a new member named Mark gets his membership card, gets a beer from the doorman, starts down the hall and stops to have a look at what’s going on in the first room he passes. Two hairy men fondle each other and we get a good look at their cocks, foreskin intact, as they suck and tug away. One of them produces a huge, sloppy load. In the room across the hall, a horny black stud offers to fuck Mark, but Mark decides to watch him jerk off instead.

Meanwhile, some other newcomers get too scared even to walk through the door. A cowboy has come all the way from Texas and he’s so nervous and turned on that he just takes out his dick and starts jacking off by the front door. What makes Tex special is that he can bend forward and lick his own cockhead and even his ball sac while standing! Auto-fellatio is usually something that porn stars do upside down, using gravity to help them out, so it’s safe to say our Tex is a talented boy. ┬áBut if you’re more interested in watching guys fuck, up next are a couple of guys who, instead of meeting on the inside of the club, decide that a rendezvous outside the building is the way to go. You’d think that if they were scared of getting busted at a sex club they would find it at least safer to be in there and not out on the street, but porn has its own logic. Besides, it’s even hotter seeing the interracial pair taking their time fondling, sucking, and fucking right out there in the open where they could get busted. It’s especially exciting seeing the leather man’s cock jump in arousal while he sucks dick!

Mark and the doorman have been watching all these outdoor scenes from inside the club and it’s making Mark horny. The doorman tells him he’ll have all the sex he can handle as an U.N.C.U.T. Club member, because there’s a membership directory and members hook up outside the club all the time. We see a couple of members having phone sex in a short scene that follows. Membership definitely has privileges.

Near the end of the film, Mark asks the doorman about the video he mentioned earlier, so the doorman puts on a video of some members showing off their cocks anonymously. You’ll also see some docking and several men playing extensively with their foreskins. Mark and the security guard are so turned on by watching this video that they start sucking and fucking right there at the front door. You’ll want to start your own chapter of the U.N.C.U.T. Club!

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