Arabian Desert Camps

Arabian Desert CampsGay porn’s love affair with Arab men continues – as does porn consumers’ interest in the taboo same-sex relations of the Middle Eastern world. We’ve seen a massive investment in these themed films of late, and no shortage of new stars from that region to perk our interest. It’s a little bit about the perceived forbiddenness of gay men there, a little bit about the masculinity of stars of that ethnic origin, and plenty to do with their plentiful assets.

While this isn’t as big-budget as some of the epic Middle-Eastern porn we’ve seen before from the likes of Raging Stallion Studios with titles such as “Tales Of The Arabian Nights” and “Arabesque,” there’s a real sense of authenticity here with this film.

Alexander Pictures has had some experience with specific racial porn subgenres – including Arab porn before with “Arabian Fever” – and this is their next effort in appealing to that new base.

There is a type of tent used by many desert dwellers known as a yurt, which is where the premise for “Arabian Desert Camps” comes from. The clan of Arab men in this film could easily pitch a tent with those big dicks and stunning, caramel muscles as they suck and fuck each other within the privacy of their yurts.

Scenes to particularly watch out for are the opening and closing one-on-ones. The young, Middle Eastern jock boys are just so gorgeous and their smooth muscles look so good as they’re pounding into each other. For those looking for a slightly twinkier look to their Arab stars, you’d best be checking out the cuties in scene three.

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