Hard Love and Mikey Likes It

Cole Maverick calls Hard Love and Mikey Likes It one of the hottest videos that the Maverick Men have ever made. If you’ve ever seen any MaverickMan22 Productions flick, then you know that’s really saying something. This is actually two videos filmed two months apart, but we like to think of the second scene as a sweet shot of dessert after the tasty entrée that is scene one.


After having a great time popping Gio’s ass cherry in his first video with the Mavericks, Training Gio: How to Fuck an Italian Stallion, Cole and Hunter could hardly wait to shoot with him again, so they do – this is the “Hard Love” portion of the movie. It was incredible watching the Mavericks answer the fan request of this complete virgin (who had never even sucked a cock) and turn him into a porn sensation back then, and it’s just as amazing to watch them take him again now that he’s back for more. Sweet, submissive Gio is so charming and sexy that we’d be happy to see even more of him. He’s a masculine young man with a deep voice, but his lips are nothing short of beautiful. His gentlemanly ways might fool you into thinking he’s too polite for raunchy sex, but just watch and see! Cole and Hunter take turns playing with Gio and team up on him. They love his bubble butt and the way it can take a hard, punishing fuck from a thick cock, even in the hardcore piledriver position.


For scene two (the “Mikey Likes It” portion), the Mavericks pick up a cute blond guy named Mikey, who’s going to jerk off for them. They decide to film his solo in the car, so while they drive to a good spot they have Mikey take off his shirt and talk a little about himself. Mikey is from Texas, age 26, has a nice hard body, and is a man of few words but a considerable number of inches. Cole and Hunter admire Mikey’s beautiful cock and balls. Hunter plays with his chest a little and gives him a bit of a suck. Not to be left out, Cole tastes the bell end too, and then they let Mikey take care of the rest. He shoots out a big, creamy load. The exhibitionistic nature of this in-car solo makes it hotter.


Stars:   Gio   Cole Maverick   The Maverick Men   Hunter “Maverick Man”   Mikey

Categories: Amateur   New Release   Mature   Bareback   Anal   Threeway   Bubble Butt   DILF

Running Time: 46 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions

Director:   Maverick Man

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