InsatiablePorn already has a voyeuristic feeling, but when it’s filmed in front of a live audience there’s just that extra zing. Raging Stallion/ Hard Friction directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond decided to add that flavor to Insatiable by letting this group of horny guys fuck each other in front of viewers watching live via an online feed. Cruz and Bond’s typically high-style studio production meets the immediate urgency of chemical attraction as eight muscled and inked studs pound each other’s hungry holes with their giant cocks.

Ty Roderick and Bryce Star rub their scruffy beards together as they kiss passionately. Bryce shows Ty how he can cram that giant dick down his throat with plenty of spit. Ty spreads Bryce’s muscular butt cheeks and crams his tongue in for a taste before plunging his cock inside. Bryce moans louder as Ty inches deeper. Things get sweatier and more intense until both guys blow.

Fabio Stallone and Trenton Ducati are matched well for power and size. Trenton gets Fabio (and himself) standing at attention with his hot kisses. Fabio slowly sucks Trenton at first and then gags himself on as much of it as possible, getting Trenton so worked up he just starts pounding away. Their wild fucking leads to a second round that’s even hotter and heavier, with more flexing muscles and even more oral action.

Charlie Harding feeds his big meat to Spencer Fox. Then he picks Spencer up and throws him down on the table to give him an enthusiastic blowjob. Spreading Spencer open, Charlie shoves himself deep inside and fucks him steadily until both of them cream all over the place.

Perfectly sculpted Brazilian Jimmy Durano and sexy Calvin Koons suck face and sample each other’s tasty sausage and buttholes. Calvin gets Jimmy all lubed up with spit and then takes a wild ride. Jimmy later takes a more domineering position, but it doesn’t stop Calvin from humping him feverishly. Calvin’s hunger extends to the cum that jets across his face from Jimmy’s cock. Satisfied, they rest in each other’s arms after their juices are drained.

If you’ve enjoyed the other high-energy fuck fests filmed live in the Hard Friction Live studio, then you will already know that Insatiable packs a powerful heat. For those who haven’t had the pleasure yet, then don’t let another moment pass you by before you get into it!

Stars:   Jimmy Durano   Trenton Ducati   Calvin Koons   Fabio Stallone   Antonio Giovanni   Spencer Fox   Bryce Star   Charlie Harding
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   96 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Hard Friction  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Steve Cruz  Bruno Bond

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