Inside Israel

Inside IsraelMichael Lucas is famous for lush visuals, including some of the most stunning men doing incredibly dirty things together. With “Inside Israel,” released late last year to widespread acclaim and more awards for Lucas Entertainment, you can explore Israel’s vast, beautiful terrain with an exotic mix of international men brought in from eight countries. There are six hardcore scenes to thrill your senses, as well as three oral vignettes tucked in for extra enjoyment.

The men of “Inside Israel” are here to do some modeling, exploring the country and each other. In an ancient village outside Israel, the first scene features Bruno Jones and Martin Passoli taking a break from the photo shoot for some kissing, humping, blowing, and ferocious fucking in the mouth of a cave. They grunt and growl like animals, making for an even hotter scene! Meanwhile, the photographer and his models are all having a hard time staying focused on getting pictures taken because they’re so tempted to suck cock. Some people have the best problems.

By the Jordan River in scene two, all the models are turned on by the sight of each other’s incredible bodies in tiny briefs. The photographer’s assistant watches enviously and jerks himself as they all pair off and get off. Some of the guys are in the water, while most are on the riverbank. It’s impossible to describe all the action that goes on because there’s just so much of it – every guy in the movie seems to be in this scene, including the incredible Jonathan Agassi (who is in half of these scenes) and of course Michael Lucas himself. There’s a lot of fuck for the buck in this scene.

The fourth scene is another standout, featuring Jonathan and Carlos Caballero having sex that is a little more aggressive than what we see in many of the other scenes. There’s some hungry cock sucking in sixty-nine on the cave floor. Jonathan then eagerly deep throats Carlos and gets on his back so Carlos can get him ready to fuck. Carlos rubs his erection back and forth teasingly across Jonathan’s taint before lifting his ass higher so he can spit on it and lick it. The building sexual tension is almost unbearable by the time Carlos enters that hole! He drives in and makes Jonathan moan. Later, they flip-fuck and then flip-fuck again, ending with Jonathan blowing a load on himself and Carlos creaming in Jonathan’s mouth!

On the beach in the fifth scene, everybody’s relaxing and posing for candid photos while two of the guys decide to have a hot fling on a beached raft. Later, Jonathan finds Bruno taking a bath in his outdoor tub and gets him all dirty again.

Those who appreciate physical perfection already know that they’re in for some prime examples in any Lucas porno. It just doesn’t get much more physically gorgeous and all the men are just as excited to fuck as they are beautiful to watch.

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