It Hurts So Good

It Hurts So Good“It Hurts So Good” might get a certain John Cougar song (from back when he was still just John Cougar) stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but the action in this Cockyboys safe sex flick makes up for any earworm.

As the first scene opens, blond Skyler Caine and Italian-American stud Hugo Milano are already shirtless, and soon Skyler pins Hugo and begins licking his nipples. Hugo hungrily licks Skyler’s shaft, then anally fingers him. Skyler returns the attention by deep-throating Hugo, going down those eight inches far enough to press his nose to Hugo’s belly. In close-up, Hugo slides into Skyler’s hole and starts thrusting with ball-slapping gusto. Later Skyler rides on top, Hugo grabbing Skyler’s ass as he bounces. Every muscle on Skyler’s body is visibly tensed as he approaches his gushing finish, which he reaches by jerking off while Hugo pounds him. Then Hugo jerks his own load onto Skyler’s trimmed pubes. These gorgeous men make an excellent fuck team!

Puerto Rican newcomer Jimmy Cox and bi-curious Bobby Clark are making out at first and then start blowing each other, individually and then in 69. Now fully erect and lubed, Jimmy starts fucking Bobby from behind, slowly at first, but picking up speed until he’s pounding away. The look on Bobby’s face as he grits his teeth says it all: his ass may be tight, but he wants more! Bobby ends up getting fucked missionary style until he cums on himself and Jimmy shoots cream onto Bobby’s chest.

Turned on by a hungry make-out session, Josh Hart licks fellow Florida boy Trey Turner up and down, pulling off Trey’s underpants so he can suck that tasty dick. Josh shows excellent oral prowess as he works Trey over with his tongue. He has earned the right to be a somewhat pushy bottom, demanding to have his own cock sucked before they fuck, so Trey kneels and blows Josh for a while until Josh opens his little hole for business. Trey fucks Josh while jerking him off, which Josh very vocally enjoys. Josh loves it in doggie even more. They finish up in reverse cowgirl, Josh jerking off as he rides cock. Soon Josh cums on his own washboard abs. Trey pulls out and shoots his big load onto Josh.

Tattooed college boy Hunter apparently was allowed to pick out exotic Nikolay Petrov as his scene partner, and you can’t blame him. Their chemistry is visibly mutual as Hunter blows him and Nikolay, getting harder by the second, starts thrusting his hips as if he can’t wait to fuck Hunter. For his part, Hunter is just as eager. When Nikolay starts pummeling his hole, Hunter proves to be a true bottom! After a hard and sweaty fuck, Hunter cums, then Nikolay pulls out and shoots an impressive amount of cum onto Hunter’s chest and abs.

A.J. Irons gives a great massage with a happy ending. Bo Dean is tense and needs a good massage. It makes perfect sense to put these two together! A.J. gets hungry for cock when he sees how hard Bo is getting. After some hot sucking, A.J. climbs on top of the massage table and gets fucked in too many ways to count. Bo is happy to oblige his need for more and harder thrusting. It’s a great way to end the movie.

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