Movie Review: Enduring Daddy’s Discipline

Watch Enduring Daddy's Discipline on AEBNLucas Entertainment is serving up a hot collection of BDSM scenes this week with “Enduring Daddy’s Discipline,” which gives us the hottest mature tops showing young bottoms what they can expect if they don’t learn how to behave as their Daddies wish.

When you’re known as the King of All Muscle Daddies, that entails a lot of responsibility. That’s why Tomas Brand is always busy disciplining naughty twinks and hot young guys like Jesse Santana. After enjoying the warm, wet sucking sensations of Jesse’s mouth on his uncut cock, Tomas pushes deep inside Jesse’s greedy hole for a relentless bareback fuck. If this is punishment, we don’t know if Jesse could handle a reward without losing his mind in bliss!

Cade Maddox takes full advantage of the benefits that come with being a big brother, but he never neglects the responsibilities either. He makes it his mission to top Dakota Payne in a way that will prepare him for every Daddy he will meet in his sex life, and after all, how is the little bro going to learn about raw ass fucking and BDSM if big bro doesn’t take on this important “job?” It’s hard work, but Cade loves doing it. You might say he’s a natural, judging by the way he wields his huge dick and enormous dildo.

Ruslan Angelo finds himself in trouble a lot more often than other boys, which means that he has two alpha males teaming up to be his Daddies. It’s easy to conclude that the mischief he makes is specifically designed to get the attention of Viktor Rom and Manuel Skye so that they’ll put him in bondage, treat him rough, and feed him their big, uncut dicks—and a huge dildo—with no mercy. This extreme-penetration threeway between a trio of the hottest men in porn is a must-see, and don’t neglect to stay for the cum-licking finish!

Even though Benjamin Gomez doesn’t seem like the type to get in trouble, you shouldn’t let that quiet exterior fool you. His sweetness turns to spiciness sometimes, probably when he feels like getting some discipline from Daddy Geordie Jackson. Geordie is happy to dole out the rough stuff for his boy, because he gets off on face-fucking Benjamin and then pummeling that immaculate ass.

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Stars:   Jesse Santana   Tomas Brand   Viktor Rom   Manuel Skye   Ruslan Angelo   Dakota Payne   Geordie Jackson   Benjamin Gomez   Cade Maddox
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

Watch Enduring Daddy's Discipline on AEBNWatch Enduring Daddy's Discipline on AEBNWatch Enduring Daddy's Discipline on AEBNWatch Enduring Daddy's Discipline on AEBN