RitualGreat Britain is turning its hand to bondage-laden porn in this release from X Offender Entertainment. While the Europeans can be filthy fuckers, it’s not so common to see something of this manner released out of the UK specifically – usually the French and German boys are all over it. Suffice it to say most BDSM porn fans will be quite keen to take a peek at whether the Brits have it in them… so to speak.

In “Ritual,” a late-night underground British cruising den is the backdrop for the “brutal animalistic man-sex” featuring eight raunchy studs hoping to put their fucked-up fantasies into action. And that they certainly do achieve. The first thing to say is that there’s something uniquely arousing about a British-accented moan as a guy is getting fucked. The second is that this ensemble of kink-loving cuties are fucking hot – muscle-bound gods, some of them.

Up first, a blindfolded spunk stands butt naked waiting to be used by anyone who wants a piece of him in this rough cruising club. Dillon Buck and Darren Robbins seem happy to help him out and it’s not long before the young fetish fan is being roughed up hard by the beautiful muscle studs. The throat fucking is definitely worth looking out for in the scene also.

Proving himself quite the exhibitionist, Peter Dutch is up next in one of the more impressive solo displays in a long time. He gets creative with a bag of toys and all you can keep thinking as you watch him on the men’s room floor is how much that ass must be well-trained to take some of that torture.

Thierry Lamasse’s huge dick is well worth a look-in during scene three, and the concluding encounter set in a cramped dungeon with DJ Ryder – tied to a chair no less – is filthy and incredibly entertaining.

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