Soldier Sleepovers

Soldier SleepoversDink Flamingo’s gift for finding the hottest straight soldiers and drawing them out of their shells has made his Active Duty studio one of the most reliably stroke-worthy for anybody who fantasizes about straight guys or military men. Released in 2006, “Soldier Sleepovers” remains popular because this is some classic str8 bait action.

In the first scene Dink interviews Tony about a high school buddy with whom he had about 30 suck-off sessions during sleepovers. It turns out the other guy came out of the closet after high school, but Tony has lived the life of a straight guy – until now. After a few minutes, Dink brings in Dean, one of his favorite repeat performers, to help bring back those good man-on-man memories for Tony. Both of these are good looking guys with similar haircuts and clothes. Soon they start getting undressed and Dean, in his underwear, gets a massage from a shirtless Tony. We can see they both have good bodies and it just makes you yearn to see the rest. Slowly, teasingly, the massage progresses to Tony humping Dean’s ass and rubbing Dean’s back with his body instead of his hands.

After the long tease of scene one, the sucking begins in earnest. It looks like Tony has missed the feeling of a cock in his mouth! They switch off and Dean sucks and licks Tony’s very hard cock, then gives him a rimjob. This time things are going much further for Tony than just oral, as Dean begins to finger his asshole in preparation for fucking him. Dean has nicely defined abs, and watching him grab Tony by the hips and thrust is hot. After Dean unloads on Tony’s back, he tucks them into bed and turns off the light.

Things go so well during the first sleepover that Dean invites Kody to join him and Tony for a second “night to remember” (as Dean describes the first session). If you thought Tony was lucky getting serviced by one hot guy, just wait till you see this sexy threesome unfold.

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