Tales Of The Arabian Nights 3: Arab Heat

Tales Of The Arabian Nights 3: Arab HeatWhat is it that makes Arab men so hot? Is it the darkly rugged male beauty, or the ancient secrets in their eyes? Maybe it’s that we get a sense that man-on-man sex is forbidden in their world. It’s probably all that and more. We can’t get enough of the Tales of the Arabian Nights series from Raging Stallion, including the third installment.

Tony Aziz is smoking a hookah and relaxing with Aybars when he decides they need to stick something else in their mouths instead. First Aziz asks servant Dominic Pacifico to give him a foot rub and soon the three of them are going at each other hungrily. Oral enthusiasts will find the extended cock-sucking sequence between the three gorgeous men a huge turn-on, especially when Aybars takes both of the other two shafts in his mouth at once. Then, as Pacifico reclines in ecstasy, Aziz and Aybars take their turns on his ass and throat. Positions are swapped once again and now Pacifico pounds Aziz in the ass while Aybars gobbles Aziz’s cock. Pacifico fucks relentlessly until Aziz is cumming all over his stomach. This leads Pacifico to pull out and cum all over Aziz. Aybars sends more hot white goo flying.

To cool down from the noonday desert, Adam Killian rests in an archway and douses himself in water. Francesco D’Macho wants to cool off, but Killian is putting off too much heat of his own. D’Macho sucks water droplets from Killian’s hole, rimming hungrily as Killian pours more water on them. They suck each other’s wet erections. Killian rides D’Macho’s willing hole as D’Macho pushes back with equal force. They change position twice more and moaning in ecstasy, D’Macho strokes himself until he explodes. Killian pulls out and adds to the pool of cum. Covered in water, sweat, and cum, they kiss passionately, finally relieved of their sex-addled heat wave.

Cool water drips over Antonio Biaggi’s torso, down to his uncut cock. Thirsty Alessio Romero sucks the water from Biaggi’s cock, but it makes him hungry for meat. They pour water over each other, kiss, and suck each other’s cocks. Biaggi flips Romero over onto all fours and tastes Romero’s waiting crack. He pours water down Romero’s rear and laps up the liquid, savoring the sweet blend of sweat and water. Biaggi swiftly takes Romero’s ass with his monster cock. Romero then impales himself on Biaggi’s horse cock, braces himself against the back of Biaggi’s neck, and rides like a bitch in heat. The huge appendage sends shivers throughout Romero’s body. Biaggi finishes Romero on his back, causing Romero to spew all over his hairy, sweaty torso. Finally Biaggi spills his man juice all over them both.

Damien Crosse lies in the shade and sensually smokes a hookah with Bruno Bond. Groping Crosse’s cock, Bond makes it clear that he wants to suck on something more. Bond alternates between cock and hookah, blowing smoke from his nostrils as he fills his mouth with meat. It’s an oral fixation wet dream! Bond lifts Crosse’s legs and prods the hairy hole with his tongue, making Crosse moan for more. Crosse mounts Bond from behind, deeply penetrating Bond’s hairy ass. Their long, hard fuck builds the heat and sweat soon coats their bodies. Now on top, Bruno showers Crosse with his cum. Bond dismounts and licks Crosse’s sweaty balls as Crosse jerks off until he also explodes all over his body.

In an outdoor shower, David Dirdam fondles his incredible body and strips. Tony Aziz joins him, wanting his lips to be like the water caressing Dirdam’s body. They take turns sucking each other. Aziz tastes Dirdam’s hot ass, getting him ready to fuck. As the water rains down Aziz thrusts hard and deep, making Dirdam cry out for it harder. Dirdam’s beautiful ass welcomes it no matter how hard it gets. As Aziz pounds him mercilessly, Dirdam unloads all over his wet body. Still hard, Dirdam lets Aziz impale himself on his cock. Dirdam buries himself in that juicy ass until Aziz loses his own load on the floor.

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