Truck 4

Truck 4Naked Sword’s latest original series concludes with Truck 4. In a San Francisco gay bar called Truck, Tuesday nights are legendary. That’s when there’s a speakeasy-themed private party. If you know the password, you’ll find yourself in one of Truck’s legendary parties where you can do just about anything you want. The password is easy, and so is the staff.

Randall O’Reilly doesn’t know the password, but he’s so cute and has such a hot little ass that he gets through the door anyway. (Told you the staff was easy.) Even on a packed night like this, horny bartender Christian Wilde can’t help noticing such a fine young specimen, and he comes on to Randall.

Suddenly remembering that sausage goes very well with beer, Randall sucks down a round of Christian’s cock. They’re peeling off clothes faster than you can say “easy,” giving us a much appreciated look at Christian’s hard, hairy torso and Randall’s smoother body. Both of them are obviously fit as hell. Christian gets a good taste of Randall’s cock before he takes him to the back of the club where they can really put on a show for an appreciative crowd. Randall takes a nice, deep ride on Christian’s rod in several positions (including a personal favorite) while Truck patrons look on appreciatively.

After this hot series, don’t be surprised if you feel a little stirring in your pants anytime you set foot in a bar or even hear the word “truck!”

Running Time:   21 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Naked Sword
Series:   Truck
Director:   Mr. Pam
Stars:   Christian Wilde   Randall O’Reilly
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bear   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

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