Gentlemen: Men In Suits

Gentlemen: Men in SuitsLucas Entertainment sells fantasies of erotic glamour in which luxury and power are as much of a turn-on as the hard, naked flesh. Putting a man in a suit can make him even sexier while playing into those daydreams of luxury and power, which is why it’s natural that Lucas does movies like Gentlemen: Men in Suits. These models are already as attractive as can be, so get ready to spill many loads over this one!

Adam Killian sneaks up on Cavin Knight, who’s reading a newspaper. They kiss lovingly and head to the privacy of home, where they suck face and fondle each other through their fine suits. Cavin has a long taste of Adam’s cock through the fly of his trousers as Adam slowly undresses, using his necktie to pull Cavin closer. Adam blows Cavin, whose cock perches atop the pulled-down waistband of his Armani boxer briefs. Still mostly dressed, they move on to rimming and oral. At first they fuck with their button-down shirts still on, but by the end, they’re nude and Cavin is drenched in sweat and cum! As Adam and Cavin take turns fucking each other, their playful passion feels as authentic as if we were watching real boyfriends fucking away the tensions of their work days.

The impeccably dressed John Magnum and Ryan Driller meet at a newsstand. Ryan in particular should grace the cover of a men’s magazine in his black suit, white shirt, and black tie with a black and white pocket square. John’s adjusting his white silk tie in the mirror when Ryan kisses him from behind. They service each other through the flies of their trousers, with John proving to be an adept deep-throater. Ryan pulls John’s trousers down to rim him, but grips his suspenders like a leash – sexy! Then, true to his name, Ryan drills John’s hole, slowly but intensely, in three positions. John cums not long after Ryan has moved him into missionary for deeper thrusts. Soon Ryan shoots a thick load onto John’s face.

Arpad Miklos and Steven Daigle check each other out on the sidewalk and head up to Steven’s place to fuck. Maybe you can’t take the cowboy out of the man, but you can take the cowboy out of the jeans and spruce him up in a suit. Not since he left reality TV for XXX has Steven been so sexy. He and Arpad gradually undress down to their shirts as they hungrily kiss and blow each other. Arpad spreads Steven’s firm ass and fingers that hole, spitting on it, to get him ready. Steven gets more excited by the minute as Arpad thrusts into him. He cums impressively hard and far, followed by Arpad adding his load to the mess on Steven’s abs. This is another scene with true passion.

Redhead Ryan Patrick is already fondling himself in the mirror when RJ Alexander arrives. RJ plays with Ryan’s foreskin while sucking him, and they fuck with their sharp suits still mostly in place. This scene is one for those who like facial hair, as both men have attractive scruff.

Alessio Romero, wearing a black coat over his brown suit, meets Conner Habib on a sidewalk. They kiss and nuzzle each other for a moment before heading into an apartment for much more explicit affection. They trade luscious, deep-throating blowjobs before they flip-flop fuck. Lucky Conner is first and last to top, because Alessio just can’t get enough of his hard dick in his ass!

Watching these smartly attired, sexy men kissing and pawing at each other’s suits will be a cock-twitching thrill. Sometimes sex appeal really is all about what goes on before you even get undressed, as Michael Lucas & co. clearly understand.

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