Liam Cole’s Wild Breed

Liam Cole's Wild Breed

If you’re looking for porn from the UK, then this Treasure Island Media title is the right movie for you! Paul Morris protégé Liam Cole has already started to make a name for himself as a good, inventive director and “Wild Breed” is his best yet.

Sexy Dutchman Peto Coast and Chris Daughtry lookalike Ben Statham get things started in no-frills fashion. They kiss before Ben impales his ready hole on Peto’s thick dick. After this warm-up, Peto decides to taste Ben’s ass before continuing in doggy style and other positions. Peto starts to pop and grunts like an animal as he shoves his cummy cock back into Ben’s hole for a few more thrusts that send Ben over the edge as well! This pair has great chemistry and the home video style adds to the intimacy.

In the next scene, bearded Vince Walker and bald-headed Myles Bentley take turns breeding lean, dark-skinned David Daniels’ hot ass. They prep him with some fingering, but it’s not long before Vince is power-thrusting into David, who simultaneously sucks Myles’ dick. This scene features some hot sloppy seconds action. Anglophiles should love it for the dirty talking in British accents.

The next scene, filmed at the Playpit sex club, stars dark-haired Rio being subjected to incredibly filthy action at the hands and cocks of Jasper and Seb. It’s a gorgeously shot scene, but dimly lit, which is a matter of personal taste. If you’re into cream pies and felching, this is the scene for you! This is another sloppy seconds scene and there is some pissing to clean up Rio’s ass after two loads have been pumped into him. The last scene of the film returns to the Playpit and features dark-haired, bearded Rick Fernandi, buzz cut-sporting newbie Ozzie Will, Nikos, skin-headed Kevin Mann, and some other guys in an orgy.

There are two relatively short scenes that bookend the movie’s longest scene, “Woodland Cruising,” in the second half. First, tattooed, bearish daddy Darren breeds dark-haired newcomer Nikos and delivers plenty of heat per second. Lean, smooth Anton Dixon and skinny, massively well-hung Wade take turns breeding newcomer Toby Hampton in another relatively short but very hot scene that follows “Woodland Cruising.”

In “Woodland Cruising,” we get to see what goes on in London’s most infamous cruising grounds, Hampstead Heath. Liam brings his friend Luke as bait and sure enough, they catch some eager guys. While Liam stays hidden and films, Luke encounters a guy in a white hoodie and starts to suck his dick. Just after Hoodie agrees to be on camera as long as his face isn’t shown, there’s some drama as the guys have to put their cocks away because somebody is yelling at them. The moment passes and soon Hoodie is fucking the laddish Luke from behind. He finishes and they wait for more guys. As it gets darker, more guys arrive and agree to be filmed if their faces aren’t shown. Liam and Luke luck out and get to film an impromptu orgy in the woods that night, and Luke proves to be a versatile fuck. The whole movie is good, but it’s worth watching for this scene alone.

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