Movie Review: A Cuckold’s Submission

Watch A Cuckold's Submission on AEBNLucas Entertainment brings us this week’s featured VOD exclusive, “A Cuckold’s Submission.” In three scenes (plus a bonus threeway), couples engage in the popular cuckolding fetish that’s all about denial, fantasy, extracurricular fucking, and deep emotions that only the most adventurous couples are happy to navigate.

Tall and handsome JJ Knight lavishes love, attention, and gifts upon his beautiful young boyfriend, Braxton Boyd. At home, they enjoy indulging in their shared fetish for cuckolding. Braxton picks the men that JJ will cuckold him with, then watches in delicious anguish as JJ gives them his 9.5-inch dick raw. Today, JJ is fucking an especially hot bottom, Jackson Radiz. Braxton is allowed to suck Jackson’s toes and, when he’s been a good boy, suck JJ’s and Jackson’s dicks.

Sweet-faced stud Drake Rogers and his boyfriend, tattooed hunk Edji Da Silva, have an arrangement: Edji decides when Drake gets to have sex, and Drake is the one who finds Edji’s side pieces. Whether Drake is happy with this or not, he submits to Edji’s demands. One day, he finds muscle bottom Ian Greene for Edji to fuck. Edji likes what he sees, so he makes Drake watch jealously as Ian takes Edji’s big dick raw.

Max Arion is a submissive Aussie stud who loves his salt-and-pepper daddy of a boyfriend, scruffy-faced Latino Manuel Skye, but he’s got far too much sexual energy to stick with just one man. Luckily, Manuel understands and can sometimes even get off on it. After Max flip-fucks with a hot Czech tourist, foxy Jeffrey Lloyd, Manuel enjoys fantasizing about his cheating boyfriend topping and bottoming with the hot stranger.

Beautiful Cubano Rafael Carreras and sultry Brazilian Wagner Vittoria are a pair of mature Latin studs in love. They know just how to make their relationship work, even though both of them are tops: threesomes where they can share one lucky bottom! In the movie’s only non-cuckolding scene, the hot, well-hung boyfriends pick up gorgeous Dakota Payne (who, as a side note, is a drag performer-turned-porn star who brought back her Gemini Dai persona and won the first Miss Pineapple drag pageant just days ago) and bring him home for an ass-reaming that he’ll never forget.

Every scene is packed with eye candy and has plenty for you cuckold aficionados to enjoy. Stream “A Cuckold’s Submission” from Lucas Entertainment exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Edji Da Silva   Drake Rogers   Ian Greene   Manuel Skye   Dakota Payne   Jackson Radiz   Max Arion   Braxton Boyd   JJ Knight   Jeffrey Lloyd   Rafael Carreras   Wagner Vittoria
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

Watch A Cuckold's Submission on AEBNWatch A Cuckold's Submission on AEBNWatch A Cuckold's Submission on AEBNWatch A Cuckold's Submission on AEBN