Movie Review: Some Like It Super Size

Some Like It Super SizeRed Stag Video has really established itself as a major player in the bareback market over the last year or so. They’ve pounced on the simple raw and gritty action set-up of some other major studios in the field and let the condomless action and bareback-loving ensemble of hot performers speak for themselves.

Some Like It Super Size is similar in tone and setting to its predecessors — and that’s a good thing. Anyone familiar or a fan of previous Red Stag efforts will no doubt appreciate this film not straying too far from the tried and tested formula.

Some of the well-hung and dirty stars featured in its back catalogue are back once again — and how could you have a film about massive cock without the likes of Antonio Biaggi and Lito Cruz along for the ride? It’s also great to see versatile spunk Blake Daniels back again, a talented and mightily attractive commodity that the studio has been smart to reuse.

Director Stevan Maverick has been at the helm of some other equally good and appropriately named Red Stag titles such as Breeding Room, Thick Cock Balls Deep, Spit And Fuck, and Big Dick Rough Fuckers. Like many other leading bareback studio directors, he knows that simple and rough is the way to go in regards to both action and film titling.

The intergenerational couplings that the studio really capitalized on in Breed That Faggot Boy Ass are also prevalent with a few of the one-on-ones here for those that like to see young twinks getting pounded raw by hot muscle daddies (see scene three, four and five for example).

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